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CD Reviews : Automatic CD Review
By Richard Henry on 9.2/10

Cognito has made his presence known in the west coast hip hop scene. Under the guidance of B-Legit and E-40, he has found his voice in hip hop and seeks to continue pushing forward to make himself known as a complete MC. He works continuously to bring good material to fans by working through the independent label Strange Music. Working with artists such as Master P, his new release and first album Automatic aims to show fans of hip hop what he really is about and to tell his story through hip hop.

You get an in your face intensity in the second track I’m Goin’ Crazy. This song is like someone racing and pacing, running out of breath. The message is brought forth through threats of destruction and not letting anyone hold you back. Cognito is talking about his place in the hip hop industry. One gets a feel of the hazardous, hard road that one can take when they are trying to reach their main goal. His flow in this song is like a raging beast that is merciless. The unsteady, edge of your seat, out of control quality begins this album.

The hip hop scene has changed to many and not always for the best. In Hip-Hop, the album’s fourth track, Tech N9ne and B Legit add all-star talent. This is a different time and hip hop has maintained some of its legitimate qualities but this song is saying that the rap scene is very different than what they grew up with. It has changed but it needs another change. The beat drops down hard with an array of sounds that add an eerie atmosphere.

Here comes the electric anthem as it hits you instantly with amazing production quality. The 9th track Born 2 Be Fly gives you a cool, convincing sound. Featuring Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko, the rapping is extremely swift but always stays on beat with incredible ability. This song gets you really pumped up as the rappers tell you about how they live and how their style is always fly. The music is really good as it gives you enough to listen to.

Featuring Krizz Kaliko, Pain tells us how it can affect us all and can take inconceivable effort to make it through. The twelfth track tells you the inevitable misery that can befall us all. This song tells you the cycle of events that got in the way of happiness in the life of Cognito. The music never gets overdone in this song as it has a sad overtone. Substance abuse can come into play and people can mistreat you in such a way as to allow mistrust to engulf you.

As an artist you want to make it to the top and that includes making it to Hollywood, the album’s fifteenth track that features Cait La Dee. Cognito speaks of wanting to go to that next level. The voices on the hooks spell out the message nicely. You have to do what is necessary to not only make it to Hollywood but also to stay there. Getting your name out in the hip hop world is great but also to make it to another plateau would be even better.

This is a very distinctive album. Cognito raps about his life and the hardships that he went through to make it to where he is now. I sense different influences, even from the rock/trance world. There is a unique blend of sound in this album. People will really be able to relate to the lyrics which talk of pain, drugs, women and more. The album features some comical skits as well. Automatic has a kind of psychotic overtone to it. It reaches into a dark place inside the mind that is familiar to human beings in general. Without being too mainstream, this album is anything but flat. Cognito is on his way and the sky is the limit.

Automatic CD Review
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